Tuesday, May 27, 2014

What has been happening?

Hello, things that Ive been upto since my last blogging!

1) The book I illustrated was published, hurrah! Currently available as an eBook but soon to be a hardback too!

Little Monsters by Philip Caveney

The typography is by Graeme Clarke, who does the graphic design work for Fledgling Press.

You can buy it here: Little Monsters on Amazon

I also did a back cover for the hardback version that wasn't used in the end but only because it was thought to be too different in style with the front cover. The back cover will be red with one of my interior illustrations overlayed.

Unused Back cover

 2) I've entered the Last Exit To Nowhere image of the month competition wearing my American Werewolf t-shirt.

I'll find out if I win in June.

3) I've also entered the Hellboy in Hell Artifact Contest. I'm a massive Hellboy fan so I'd be made up if I win a prize. This year is 20 years of Hellboy and its still my favourite comic.

I decided to make Mohlomi's Bell from The Third Wish. I made it from polymer clay and then painted it. It was my second attempt as I managed to melt the first one. I've not really made anything from polymer clay before so I was quite pleased with how it turned out.

Here's the bell from the comic for comparison (copyright Mike Mignola and Dark Horse Comics)

Mohlomi's Bell by Mike Mignola

4) I'm also going to enter the titan undiscovered talent competition if I can get my act together. The deadine is end of July. Ive written a 6 page script for a comic, the theme is Lost in Space. I'm currently working on thumbnails and character design. I would love to complete a comic as I've not done one for years.

Hyperspace Engineer shuttle design
That's about it for now, although I have a couple more things to write about in a seperate post soon.

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