Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Yikes! Almost a year since last update

I'm sure I'll miss some stuff out but here are some of my artistic endeavours in the past 11 months.

a mummified fairy   
After visiting the excellent Dan Baines, internationally acclaimed prop maker for magicians, film and everything else that needs freaky props, in mysterious Kent, I 'found' this mummified fairy, which now puzzles all small children who see it. I plan to make, I mean find, more crazy weird stuff soon.

Halloween Makeup
 I've continued my interest in makeup and recently even got to work for a day at the The Makeup Artist Studio in Liverpool, helping in a lesson to teach makeup for a transgender client. I had a great day and hope to do more of this in future.

Terrible Gash! Ouch!

Zombie Bite! Braaaaains!
I discovered the very excellent Little School of Horrors run by the fantastic Amber Shorrock. Amber is an expert in Special Effects makeup and prop making for film and tv. She teaches others her skills at the Little School of Horrors in Liverpool. So far I've learnt to make prosthetic wounds, latex masks and maquettes sculpted from clay. I'll be carrying on with this for as long as I can because it's amazing fun!

 latex werewolf mask
  This mask was made from scratch. I sculpted the face in plasticine, created a mould of the sculpt in herculite plaster. Cast a latex mask from the mould which i painted and added a fur 'hood'.

plasticine scuplt of werewolf mask which is destroyed during the process of mould making

mostly finished clay maquette of a T-rex style dinosaur
That's pretty much it really. Not much drawing sadly except for these sketches.

Cthulhu statue
I'm hoping to sculpt this as an actual statue and hopefully make a mould to cast some resin copies.

I just had an urge to draw a woman with a skull

It's nearly Inktober again so I'm hoping to manage some kind of sketch every day in October.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Spooks Army

I created the following poster for a competition on the the Joseph Delaney facebook page. I'm a huge fan of the Wardstone Chronicles. I won a runners up prize (which wasn't that hard as only about five people entered and there were 6 prizes!). I thought my entry was ok but should have been better.

Something a bit different

Back in July I did a course in makeup artistry at the Illamasqua School of Make Up Art in London. Afterwards I sent a card to say thanks, I did this little drawing on the card;

I never thought anything of it but then during Halloween week, one of the very talented makeup arists at the school created the following based on my picture. I was so 'made up' (pun intended)

 photo copyright Illamasqua Scool of Makeup Art 2014
Amazing makeup by the fantastic Nilofar Mussa @nilofarmussa.

Pumpkins 2014

I carved two pumpkins this year. One after taking part in an online workshop with the amazing Andy Bergholtz and the other after watching a video tutorial from Ray Villafane. I was fairly happy this year with my carvings as I think I did improve slightly.

#INKtober 2014

It was INKtober, i managed a sketch every day, some ok some rubbish. Here are some of the better ones. All straight to paper with a Pentel brush pen, except for Dracula and Tyrion when I used Promarkers.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Pyewackett & Pecke

The Sad Tale Of Onion Boy is now available to buy from Pyewackett & Pecke and I'm a member of The Guild of Esoteric Artisans. There's loads of great and strange stuff available to buy, I highly recommend you check it out.

Pan's Labyrinth

A quick photoshop image just because I like Pan's Labyrinth.

Pan's Labyrinth