Sunday, September 4, 2011

Smothers Day Finished

I finally finished my Smothers Day booklet. The pictures for this book (except for one and a photo) were all done using photoshop, previously I've hand drawn everything in the traditional sense. I was quite pleased with how the illustrations turned out although I'm not sure if I'll use the same techniques again.

My next project will have colour pictures, something I've never done before. Again I'll be using photoshop and maybe Manga Studio. I'm going to do a comic, either a re-doing of a comic I made about 15 years ago, 'GrandFathers' Books' or a sword and sorcery tale or maybe have a go at adapting an H.P.Lovecraft story.

I've added PayPal buttons to the side bar of my blog allowing anyone to buy a book.

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